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Notes Both free and licensed version of SpyHunter software is available so that you can at first check the working of program and then, decide if to take the software completely on PC.

Step 1 – When you download software on your computer, just double click the SpyHunter-Installer.exe executable file. After this follow guidelines on your machine screen and in the end finish process of installation.

Step 2 – It is now advised you to download SpyHunter scanner demo version by selecting the Download Free Scanner option.


One more Note – In the process of SpyHunter software download there may appear a fake alert message on your browser, ‘This type of file can harm your computer once application is get downloaded. Do you want to keep Download_Sphunter-installer.exe” anyway?’ do not trust the alert as it is fake and shown by malware or some other infection running on your PC. Just choose option ‘Keep’ and move out for further threat removal process.

Step 3 – In this step you are required to double click the SpHunter-Installer.exe and just after that go with the guidelines appears on computer screen for installing software trial version.